On this page, you will be able to find all of our warranty conditions and repair procedure regarding purchased products.


When you have problems with your product, you can contact us for a check-up and reparation of your device. In 4 simple steps, we will explain to you how this process works.

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First, contact us via email at:


Our colleagues will send you an reply by email with forms you will need to fill in. Once these are filled in, please send them back to us. You will then receive an RMA number and our return address, which you will need to mention on the box.

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Once you have received your RMA number, please make sure to pack the product correctly with sufficient packaging material, to ensure it will arrive safely. We recommend using a carton box with newspaper filling/bubblewrap.

To make sure our colleagues know which package they receive for which check-up and repair, please mention the RMA number given to you by email on the outside of the box.

Always try to ship the goods with a track&trace code if possible, so you can always track the shipment. We are not responsible for any loss during the shipping process.

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When the package arrives, our colleagues will book it into our system. They will check both the hardware and software of the device, to find out the cause of the products failure.

If there is any additional cost by this point, our colleagues will contact you with a price indication. You can then decide wether or not to get it fixed. If you want to get it fixed, our colleagues will provide bank details to transfer the money.

If you choose not to get it repaired, we will send it back to you.

Please allow us up to 30 days to check your device.

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Once the check-up and reparation process is complete, we will send the product back to you.

Our colleagues will provide you with a track&trace code, so you can track your package once it leaves our building.


All products purchased, also through our online retailers, have 2 years of warranty.

Excluded from the warranty are product batteries (in products like our tablets), these have a warranty period of 6 months.


1. All defective products must be sent back to our office.They must be send back with the original cable/charger you received with your product. This way, we can also check if the problem is in the charger.

2. All products must be packed in a good box with sufficient packaging material, to ensure that the product will arrive to us safely.

3. All products are under carry-in warranty, which means you will need to send it to us on your own cost. We will pay the cost back to you, of course.

4. If there is any additional cost that is not covered by our warranty, our colleagues will contact you with additional information

5. Any customer induced damage (also known as CID), is NOT covered by our warranty. Any additional cost for the reparation of the device is at your own cost. CID also includes: reinstalling/replacing original software with improper ones (i.e. changing the operating system), which causes the product to malfunction. 

6. Any product which has no original serial number sticker or warranty sticker or in case it's severely damaged, will be excluded from the warranty.

7. Due to the EU privacy law, we are obliged to remove any personal data from your device when you send it in. Please make sure you make a copy of all your data before you send it in to us.